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International Women Day 2020: they tell their story

Sunday, March 08 2020
At the occasion of the International Women Day 2020, discover portraits of 9 experts working at ECA Group.

As International Women's Day is always the occasion to talk about equality at workplace, 9 amazing women tell us more about their expertise and working experience at ECA GROUP.

When it comes to gender ratio, Robotics and Aerospace industries are among the most highly inspiring environments. The gender equity being the key to sustainable development, we at ECA GROUP are commited in women's empowerment through our Human Ressources policy based on expertise: technical and operational skills.


Strong efforts made for gender equity within the company

ECA GROUP has been highly committed in favour of professional equality. The efforts made so far, on identifying and initiating actions in order to promote and increase professional equity between men and women within the company, were rewarded in 2019 by the successful result given by the Gender Equity Index, with a score as high as 83/100.


Discover some amazing women working at ECA GROUP

Amélie DA SILVA - Methods & Industrialisation Technician

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Valérie PAREDES-MOLLARD - Calculation Engineer

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Julie BELLON - Electronic Engineer

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Ekaterina LEBEDEVA - Business Development Manager

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Joséphine DANDEC - Sales Engineer

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Elodie KERMARREC - Image Processing Engineer

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Lydie CUILLERIER - Human Ressources Manager

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Karine TESSON - Business Manager

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Fadila BENDIB - Sales Manager

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Ekaterina LEBEDEVA

Business Development Manager


I joined ECA Group in 2016 as Business Development Manager within the sales team. Our objective is to develop our sales abroad. It was a really big challenge for me, as I was new in the aerospace industry. Since then I would say that it is has been a fantastic experience. I was involved in very big projects and call for tenders to develop assembly lines, jigs and tools, testing and Ground Support Equipment. It was a great experience because I had the chance to work with the entire ECA team: mechanical and electrical engineers, procurement, quality department, project managers and the commercial team. We are working together to bring a strong commercial offer to the final customer. The technical complexity, the importance of the human relations and innovation are the factors that are most important for me and motivates me everyday.





Image Processing Engineer


My work revolves around the analysis of the data collected throught the sensors fitted on our A9 and A18 underwater drones. I work mainly in the field of underwater mine countermeasures and underwater maritime applications. At ECA Group I am in charge of research and innovation on data analysis and development of our data post-processing software.

Developing underwater drones helps to keep humans safe and away from risky areas. Thus, I'm proud that my work can help to protect ships and crews.





Methods & Industrialisation Technician


When I joined ECA GROUP, my first mission was to harmonize the quality standard at ECA GROUP in order to prepare for the ISO9001 certification in 2020. I was in charge of implementing a common quality reference system within of all the sites of the Robotics department. The aim of this harmonization is to be able to work with the same tools and more easily share cross-site skills and knowledge. After almost 9 months in the Quality Department, I continued my career as a Methods and Industrialisation Technician. I am currently working on a project aiming at designing and manufacturing 4 special machines operating in a harsh environment. This project is fascinating and very complex, and as so, it requires to work together with different departments: Methods; Design Office; Purchasing, Integrated Logistics Support... with which I enjoy working with! 

By nature, I am eager to learn on a daily basis and develop my knowledge to keep up with technical and technological advances. In my work I share a lot, it is a transverse position within which I am permanently in contact with other services, as well as suppliers and clients. This communication is both exciting and essential in order to carry out my missions:  I learn a lot by being in contact with others, from their knowledge and their experiences. It is at the same time very interesting and necessary for my own personal and professional development.



Calculation Engineer


I started my career within ECA GROUP a decade ago as a calculation engineer at the mechanical design office based in Toulon. I was  in charge of various scientific work to support on-going projects. My role is to  provide guidance on product development, guarantee product robustness and optimize the integration of artificial intelligence and sensors according to specific needs. Since I joined ECA GROUP, I have witnessed customers' needs evolve to become increasingly demanding in terms of robustness, security and cost-effectiveness. I'm here to provide quick responses to the different ideas emerging within our teams and ahead of the project development cycle. I am now leading a team in the calculations division at ECA Group.

I was able to discover within ECA GROUP a new way of exercising my profession in a human-size company, promoting human relationships and openness. In addition, the wide range of solutions developed by the group requires multidisciplinarity, which allows me to deepen my knowledge in a multitude of domains while having the opportunity to be involved in different phases of development or manufacturing of a product. Tasks diversity is essential to maintain my dynamism. My daily motivation to meet the challenges of the business is based on mastering the environment of our products and understanding the very various needs of our customers. My daily challenge is to bring ever more innovative solutions while reducing costs, manufacturing times, as well as enhancing integration and maintenance. It always calls into question what has been learned, makes you become source of proposals and boosts your creativity.


Sales Manager


As Sales Manager in aeronautics sector my mission is to bring innovative solutions for our customers, to take into account their technical specifications and to comply with the laws and regulations of this very specific domain.

What motivates me most in my work is to be able to team up with the technical office and project managers to be able to find solutions together, bring ideas and respond to the customer in the most satisfactory way possible.




Electronic Engineer



I joined ECA GROUP team as electronic engineer 9 months ago, I was attracted by the technical expertise, the exciting projects, and the worklife quality offered by ECA GROUP. Passionate by both aeronautics and electronics, it was my wish to work in this sector and more particularly in the development of new embedded systems. I am really happy with my job because it is motivating and challenging on a daily-basis. I’m currently working on power management for a new generation distress beacon for aircrafts (Emergency Locator Transmitter): ELiTe. Emergency Locator Transmitters are used in commercial airplanes in order to send a distress message when the plane faces unusual situations. This pre-alert will transmit the exact localisation of the aircraft and will thus notify Search and Rescue teams to react accordingly.

The development of aeronautical solutions is thoroughly controlled by certification authorities, each element of the distress beacon is specified and tested in depth. This is what MAKE SURE means in practice and fits as well with my personality: everything is mastered from A to Z; following projects through to the end and understanding all aspects. The ELiTe ELT includes a lot of different technologies (radio frequencies, digital signal processing, power management, GPS…) and we work as a team to create an efficient and reliable beacon. I'm proud to work in order to save lives, and to make aircrafts greener by reducing the consumption and weight of embedded equipment.



Joséphine DANDEC

Sales Engineer



I joined ECA GROUP because I share the same values of innovation, technical mastery and customer satisfaction. Every project we work on is different and we work together with our several engineers - each one specializing in their own field - to offer a solution that fits the best the needs of customers.

I like the fact that I can bring my expertise to the client. In my opinion at ECA GROUP, the sales engineer acts as a leader, since we make sure that everyone is working in favour of customer's satisfaction.





Human Ressources Manager



I joined ECA GROUP in 2016 and I have been working in the Human Resources Service since then. My overall mission is to create a positive connection between the executive management and employees, as well as to support them in all aspects of their professional journey. This involves providing accurate information, advice and tools in order to provide the best possible work environment for all. For example, one of my current missions is to work on the Equal Opportunity Score (Index Egalité Professionnelle). As a woman of course, this topic has a special meaning to me, especially in our field of activity, Engineering that is traditionally, a very masculine one. I am also working with a specific committee, on identifying efforts and initiating actions in order to promote and increase professional equity between men and women within ECA Group.

I am very passionate about my job as a member of ECA GROUP’s Human Resources team. I am grateful to be able to interact on a daily basis with colleagues, managers, employees, directors. I also enjoy professional relationships with external contacts, in order to enhance the company's development with the best talents on the market. My goal is to enable each one to reach their full potential and performance, while fully enjoying their work experience as part of ECA GROUP.




Business Manager France



My mission consist in negotiating contracts to equip and support our Navy, Army, Air Force and also our Special Forces. So, I study calls for tenders and analyze the needs of our customers. With the support of our teams I define the scope of the work in order to guarantee technical, financial, industrial coherence and of course the competitiveness of the offer.  Fairs, events and live demonstrations provide a great opportunity to represent our company and to promote our know-how.

I have the chance to work with a panel of experts: engineers, system architects, technicians... and to transform this knowledge into an attractive commercial offer for the customer.  What I like the most in my daily work is the teamwork.


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