World Security Report News: ECA Group presents its UMIS robotic solution for coastal security

World Security Report News: ECA Group presents its UMIS robotic solution for coastal security

ECA Group presents at MILIPOL 2017 its UMIS solution: one single software programme controlling several underwater and surface robots, to monitor and protect ports and coastlines.

Wednesday, November 22 2017 - Defence & Security

Published on World Security, November 2017

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UMIS for Security that ECA Group is about to commercialise is dedicated to the security of coastal and port infrastructure? it is a solution able to deploy different types of robots equipped with sensors.The entire fleet can be regrouped, managed and coordinated with one single command post equipped with the new software suite UMIS for Security.

“In order to lift the limitations linked to the fixed sensors, ECA Group has designed solutions that make the sensors mobile. These solutions provide more precise and performant information with a wider viewing range. They enable to better detect dangers and to generate alerts well in advance so that action can be taken at sea and infrastructures can be protected. ”, explains Vincent Clavier, in charge of Homeland Security activity within ECA Group.

ECA Group proposes three types of robots o carry the mobile sensors. The main device is an unmanned boat functioning by remote control or navigating in autonomous mode (the operator pre-programmes the itinerary) USV INSPECTOR MK2, which is specifically configured for port security and can be used for fighting against terrorism, malicious or activism acts.

When necessary, INSPECTOR MK2 can escort suspicious boats and generate a warning provoking a response. It can be equipped with radars, visual or thermal cameras and transmit images in real time or other detailed information such as heat sources, biochemical or radiological components.

High impact deterrents can be deployed as well: water cannons, visual or acoustic projectors and even lethal means.

As part of UMIS This equipment can be supplemented with ECA Group underwater robots; whether autonomous (AUVs) such as the A9-E  or remotely operated (ROV) like the SEASCAN. These robots can perform inspection tasks on the seabed along the coastline to verify if it has been modified (check on dumping but also mines or improvised explosives).

Aerial drones such as UAV IT180 can also take part in this global solutionThey can carry out speedy reconnaissance, surveillance or inspection flights (chemical sensors, magnetometers, etc.) ECA Group's IT180 mini drones are very stable, robust and resistant to very bad weather conditions. They can carry payload to collect additional data.

All these different robots are complementary and can collaborate together in order to provide the operator with a detailed status report. The operator can work safely from a distance-off distance in  his “control tower”.

UMIS for Security is also available with a mobile command station. The system is installed in an equipped truck that can be deployed occasionally for specific call-outs.

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