Usine Nouvelle: Eurosatory 2018 | ECA Group

Usine Nouvelle: Eurosatory 2018 | ECA Group's IGUANA, all-terrain unmanned Ground vehicle

At Eurosatrory 2018, ECA Group showcases its IGUANA E  UGV, an all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle to Inspect, locate and neutralize improvised explosive devices.

Published in Usine Nouvelle, June 2018.

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The Toulon-based SME ECA Group presents at Eurosatory a remote-controlled land robot, specializing in the location and neutralization of improvised explosive devices (IED), landmines and other types of explosives.

Its articulated arm consists of 4 segments allowing  to carry camera and clamp into congested / hard-to-reach environments and up to nearly 3 m high.

Thanks to its reduced width (42 cm), the IGUANA E robot can move in the corridors of an airliner and examine the contents of luggage compartments.

Mounted on independent tracked feet, IGUANA E UGV can cross the main obstacles and is able to climb into buses.

The French armies have bought about fifty copies.

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