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Usine Nouvelle : ECA Group wins a contract in Asia for UAV 180 Sterna

Usine Nouvelle : ECA Group wins a contract in Asia for UAV 180 Sterna

ECA Group, a subsidiary of Gorgé Group, has announced € 7 million contract from a defence ministry in a country in Asia has been signed to deliver degaussing systems and UAV-based magnetic measurement systems.

Published on, February 2017

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"ECA Group announces to have been awarded a contract worth of more than 7 million euros from a defence ministry in Asia, for ship demagnetization systems and magnetic measurement systems based on  aerial drone UAV IT180.

The ships need to control their magnetic signature and reduce it, in order to be able to perform operation in a sea minefield area. To measure the electronic signature, the drone IT180 UAV  will be equipped with the STERNA® system. The drone can thus carry out a horizontal mapping of the ship, the data obtained (in particular thanks to an integrated magnetometer with digitizer) are analyzed and the parameters of the demagnetization calculated.

In order to reduce the magnetic signature of this customer's ships, the group will supply and install degaussing systems, in accordance with NATO standards. ECA Group estimates the market for this new technological solution up to 30 million euros for the next 5 years. "

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