Shephard: ECA Group unveils UMIS for coastal security

Shephard: ECA Group unveils UMIS for coastal security

ECA Group introduced at Milipol Paris 2017, a new system for coastal security called "UMIS for Security".

Tuesday, November 28 2017 - Defence & Security

Published on Shephard, November 2017.

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The system is built around the use of USV INSPECTOR MK2, un unmanned surface vehicle navigating in autonomous mode. The software suite is designed to deploy different types of unmanned systems from the USV, for coastal and port security operations. The unmanned systems can be regrouped, managed and coordinated via a single command post. in a stand-off distance.

The USV can escort suspicious boats and radars, visual or thermal cameras can be embedded to transmit images in real time or other information such as heat sources, biochemical or radiological components.  Deterrents such as water cannons, visual or acoustic projectors and even lethal means can also be equipped on INSPECTOR MK2.

In addition to the USV, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) such as the A9-E  or remotely operated (ROV) like the SEASCAN can also be deployed. These devices can inspect the seabed along the coastline to verify whether the seabed has been modified (check on dumping but also mines or improvised explosives).

The UAV IT180 can be deployed for reconnaissance flights, surveillance or inspection. It can be equipped with various payoads.

The systems will work together to provide the operator with a complete status report. The command station can also be supplied as a mobile solution installed in an equipped truck.

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