Shephard : ECA Group to navalize its IT180 UAV aerial drone

Shephard : ECA Group to navalize its IT180 UAV aerial drone

ECA Group is partenring with Naval Group to prepare its IT180 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle for integration on ships to perform naval application missions.

Published on Shephard, July 2017.

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Written by The Shephard News Team

The IT180 UAV is a compact VTOL aircraft with a duration up to three hours or 30 nautical miles and able to carry payloads up to 5kg. An first implementation of the navalized use took place at Naval Group’s Innovation Day in Ollioules and the IT180 aerial drone took part in an interception scenario in the Toulon harbour.

The UAV can be used to detect floating drifting mines and connected by umbilical to the mother ship, it can be used as trans-horizon radio relay.

Other concepts for the use of the IT180 in naval defence applications were developed such as mine detection, radio relaying and magnetic risk management. The latter, STERNA, is a solution for measuring the magnetic signature of ships from airborne UAVs was rewarded during Euronaval trade 2016 and was selected by an Asian Navy.


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