Shephard: ECA Group To develop industrial UGV

Shephard: ECA Group To develop industrial UGV

Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) selected ECA Group to develop an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) dedicated to industrial heavy load transportation.
Monday, July 10 2017 - Energy & Industrial Equipment

Published on Shephard, July 2017.

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To be called MAX 2.0, the UGV will support Rio Tinto's aluminium production operations on its Dunkirk site in France, in order to improve production processes by increasing productivity, reducing support costs and reducing the manufacturing logistics footprint.

The UGV will be dedicated to heavy load transportation inside the smelter, and more particularly for the transportation of anodes.

Each UGV will have its own determined route plan including the loading zone, the delivery area and the path. Thes vehicles will be capable of operating indoors and outdoors.

ECA Group will also develop the supervision software which will manage the fleet of autonomous vehicles inside each smelter.

ECA Group will initially develop the  autonomous ground vehicles and deliver a number of series vehicles.


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