Shephard: ECA demos IT180 UAS to AREVA

Shephard: ECA demos IT180 UAS to AREVA

ECA Group demonstrated the capabilities of its IT180 UAV to support AREVA activities.

Wednesday, December 20 2017 - Defence & Security

Published on Shephard, December 2017

AREVA was looking for an environmental monitoring site survey solution to complement its existing portfolio of monitoring solutions.

The UAV IT180-120 unmanned airborne drone was deployed at AREVA’s pilot test site to evaluate the operational performance of the UAS and the data collection quality and compare it to its own needs. The UAV flew in fully automated mode following a pre-defined grid flight plan over a large area.

The UAV IT180 was configured to collect radiological signal intensity in order to detect surface radioactivity, thanks a gamma probe sensor.

UAV IT180 has a two hours flight endurance and is designed to perform missions in both civilian and military sectors in order to perform tasks such as surveillance, site protection, inspection, pollution control, fire-fighting and search and rescue.


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