Salons News: ECA announces the expansion of the IT180 UAV use to naval applications

Salons News: ECA announces the expansion of the IT180 UAV use to naval applications

ECA Group , a Gorgé Group subsidiary, announces the expansion of the use of its mini drone helicopter IT180 towards naval applications and its partnership with DCNS that will contribute to the realization of this project.
Tuesday, July 4 2017 - Defence & Security

Published on, July 2017.

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For ECA Group , which is positioned as the first systems integrator drones in the sector, the navalization draft mini-drone UAV IT180 is one of his last major and innovative developments.

The IT180 is a compact and powerful solution for mini-UAV VTOL UAV complementary to higher categories, to meet specific naval missions. The IT180 is a mini drone versatile counter-rotating (<30kg). Easy to use, even in harsh weather conditions, it has a range of up to three hours giving it a range of 30 nautical. Which can carry payloads up to 5kg (IR, video, RIP), it can be used to detect drifting mines floating in front of an expeditionary naval force in transit. Connected by umbilical to the mother ship, it can be used to relay radio trans-horizon with other aerial drones and drones surface implemented by the same vessel.

ECA Group announces that with a UAV IT180 "navalized", it "becomes the first industrial able to provide a complete system of drones to any environment (air-land-sea) and have them collaborate on framework of demining missions, fight against terrorism or surveillance. "

Furthermore, ECA Group has developed multiple concepts of using the mini-drone UAV IT180 for applications naval of defense . For example, she designed STERNA , a concept dedicated to the detection in the fight against mines, radio relay and risk management magnetic. Award at Euronaval 2016, STERNA , is "a solution measuring magnetic signature of the ship-based UAV." In its statement, ECA Group announced that in 2017, "an Asian navy has chosen to equip."


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