ECA Group reveals new generation under water drone ECA Group reveals new generation under water drone

In February 2018, ECA Group presented its latest medium-sized autonomous underwater drone (AUV) A18-M. With its compactness and unparalleled high-quality images, this new under-water drone generation becomes the reference in the category of autonomous underwater vehicles dedicated to underwater mine hunting.

Published on, March 2018.

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A live demonstration in Toulon, France, showcased some of the impressive achievements of this new underwater drone that completes the AUV family of the ECA Group.

The A18-M can detect any kind of hazard, such as improvised explosives (IED), pollutants but can also create very accurate maps of the seabed.

Thanks to Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), the AUV A18-M has a very high coverage ratio, on the order of 2 km2 / hour, which is 5 to 10 times more quicker than with conventional side-scan sonar.

"This mid-size AUV is the best interaction between size, weight and long endurance. Thanks to its payload, it is capable of hosting high-performance sonar, such as a synthetic diaphragm sonar (SAS) that offers unprecedented detection and classification performance, "says Léonie Delacou, AUV's product manager at ECA Group.