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Panda Flight Academy places further order for ECA GROUP's A320 Flight Management System Trainer for pilot training

Monday, April 19 2021
Panda Flight Academy renews its confidence in ECA GROUP's A320 Flight Management System Trainers (FMST) deployed on mobile platforms to complete its training programs for pilots.

4 years ago, Panda Flight Academy selected ECA GROUP to support their pilots training on A320 aircraft. This year, Panda Flight expressed their satisfaction in our flight simulation solutions by renewing their licences on the Flight Management System trainer for mobile platforms (tablets). Aside from the main course, students will continue to enjoy self-study on FMST anytime and everywhere to prepare their higher-level simulator sessions or increase their understanding of complex aircraft systems.


Capt. Katsuhiro Nakamoto, Vice-President of Panda Flight Academy expresses his opinion on ECA GROUP's FMST:

“Improving the training efficiency to shorten the training period and time is a major issue for the pilot training companies. Panda Flight Academy was also seeking a device for efficient self-study wherever inside and outside the training facility. The following two effects were expected when introducing FMST.

  • For trainees unfamiliar with Flight Management Systems (FMS), expect to shorten the time for setting up by practicing the operation of Multipurpose Control Display Units.
  • It can be used as a support to understand Flight Crew Operating Manuals description when understanding multiple functions such as Flight Management and Flight Guidance

There is no doubt that the effect has been shown and except for the individual differences, the trainees have become more mature in the operation of FMS by using ECA GROUP's FMST, which has led to a reduction in training duration. It is evaluated that the expectations of FMST produced by ECA GROUP are fully satisfied not only in terms of assisting efficiency improvement in a short training time but also in terms of maintaining and improving training quality."



About ECA GROUP's A320 Flight Management System Trainers

Supplying a user-friendly and high-quality training, ECA GROUP's A320 Flight Management System Trainers are truly free play simulations which run on tablets, laptops or desktop PC. FMST are ECA Group solutions to training centers’ need for FMS familiarization tools, bringing a true added value before embarking on expensive simulator sessions. Pilots’ transition to complex aircraft flight management system is performed smoothly, thanks to a comprehensive set of functions available.

Regarding ECA GROUP's A320 FMST, since its first deployment in 2016, several companies have selected this solution to improve pilot’s knowledge of Flight Management Systems and increase the efficiency of simulator sessions.


About Panda Flight Academy

 Panda Flight Academy, located in Japan, provides high quality training services based on actual airline experience with high productivity at lower cost, training airline pilots to lead the new era of worldwide airline services.


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