Open Spirit 2019: ECA Group demonstrates underwater mine neutralisation capabilities

Monday, July 01 2019
ECA Group's K-STER MIDS ROV dedicated to mine neutralisation was deployed during the Open spirit exercice in Lithuania in May 2019. ECA Group's mine disposal systems enable to clear Baltic sea off World War 2 mines.

At the occasion of Open Spirit 2019 exercices, the capabilies of ECA Group MIDS ROV systems have once again successfully demonstrated their efficiency and reliability to complete underwater mine warfare missions.

Open Spirit is the Baltic navies' biggest annual mine counter measures exercise. The Baltic Sea still contains a large amount of explosives and chemicals leftover from both world wars. Therefore these exercices aim at reducing the threats at sea: remaining explosives, mines and bombs.

Open Spirit is organised by the navies of the Baltic States on a rotating basis in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, each one being equipped with ECA Group unmanned mine warfare systems, including Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vehicles.

During this year exercice, the Lithuania Navy deployed ECA Group's K-STER C to conduct mine neutralization operations, alongside the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG 1) ships.

Lituania and NATO mine countermeasure ships are equipped with ECA Group's K-STER C expandable Mine disposal systems. These K-STER C vehicles are fitted with a shape charge in a tiltable head to aim at the target to dispose of in a completely autonomous way

This year’s edition of the international Baltic Sea ordnance disposal drill Open Spirit took place in May 2019,  in Klaipėda and operations were conducted off Lituanian and Latvian coasts.

Among the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG 1) ships participating in the exercise, is the "Bellis" Belgian Navy mine hunter, which will be soon replaced as part of the Belgium-Netherland tender to supply twelve mine-hunting vessels equipped with ECA Group's UMIS™ (Unmanned MCM Integrated System) .

Learn more about ECA Group solutions for Mine warfare by reading the dedicated White Paper






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