Navy Recognition: ECA Group to take part in EU-funded OCEAN2020 project

Navy Recognition: ECA Group to take part in EU-funded OCEAN2020 project

ECA Group takes part of a winning consortium OCEAN2020, a project related to the first European Defence Found’s initiative to boost Europe's defence capabilities with its suite of cutting-edge robotic systems dedicated to maritime homeland security and defence solutions.

Monday, February 19 2018 - Defence & Security

Published on Navy recognition, February 2018.

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Within the Leonardo-led OCEAN2020 team, ECA Group will partner with 15 European countries. 

OCEAN2020 will examine the integration of unmanned platforms of different types (aerial, surface and underwater) with naval units’ command and control centers to enable data exchange via satellite with command and control centers on land. The joint and cooperative use of both manned and unmanned vehicles will also be demonstrated.

ECA Group's Inspector MKII USV and one of its A9, A18, A27 AUVs , thus having a prominent role in the first demo, coordinated by the Italian Navy, scheduled to take place in the Mediterranean Sea in 2019, to conduct maritime interdiction operations against suspicious vessels involved in illegal weapons trafficking and smuggling activities.

The missions will aim to the localisation and the identification of sunken illegal goods/weapons on the seabed through the collaborative teamwork of the USVs/AUVs whose mission can be configured, planned for, executed and supervised using ECA Group Mission Management Platform UMIS.

Recovery of the sunken, localised/identified goods could then be caried out, whenever decided, by a remotely operated ROVs.


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