Naval Forces IV/2017: ECA Group USV-based TOWSCA  and A9-M AUV solutions featured

Naval Forces IV/2017: ECA Group USV-based TOWSCA and A9-M AUV solutions featured

ECA Group Surface and underwater drones featured in the magazine Naval Forces IV / 2017.

Wednesday, September 13 2017 - Defence & Security

Published on Naval Forces IV/2017, September 2017.

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ECA Group's Towed Side Scan Sonar (TOWSCA.) successfully completed sea trials in the first quarter of 2017, having been tested in a wide variety of operating conditions, depths and sea states. 
The TOWSCA was integrated on the company's  Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) INSPECTOR Mk2, for the trials, providing the proven vesse! with improved shallow- to deep-water survey capability. The deck-mounted sonar is deployed via a launch and recovery system (LARS), with a depth capability of up to 100m, according to the com­pany. The LARS incorporates an automatic altitude maintenance mode and automatic obstacle avoidance. Operations in harsh environments and conditions up to sea state 3 have been tested to date. 
Located in 3D in real-time using the Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system coupled to the system's internai sensors, TOWSCA provides sonar data that is geolocalised and time stamped for ease of analysis. Data can be transmitted at speeds of more than 10 kts. Appli­cations foreseen for TOWSCA include mine detection and search and rescue. 

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ECA Group revealed on 2 June that it won an order from a further NATO Navy for its A9-M light Autonomous Underwater Vessel (AUV). The company received an earlier order in 2015 from an­other NATO Navy for the vessel - which has been in French Navy ser­vice since 2013. The new order confirms the growing interest in light weight AUV s for mine countermeasures (MCM) operations. The A9-M has been specifically designed for the MCM mission and complies with the most demanding specifications of NATO navies. Featuring very low magnetic and acoustic signatures, the vessel can easily be deployed from small craft and operates safely in close proximity to the most sen­sitive mines. The A9-M can also be offered as part of an integrated MCM solution based on unmanned systems. ECA can integrate the system with sister vessels of varying capabilities such as the A18-M and A27-MK-STER C and  SEASCAN MK2 , offering a range of tailored solutions for mine detcction, identification, neutralisation and disposal.


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