Marine technology News: Expendable Unmanned Vehicle for Mine Countermeasures

Marine technology News: Expendable Unmanned Vehicle for Mine Countermeasures

ECA Group announced a full scale development of an integrated solution for mine counter measure as part of a project completed in collaboration with an Asian naval partner.

Tuesday, September 12 2017 - Defence & Security
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Published on Marine Technology, September 2017,

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Written by Eric Haun

This undisclosed Southeast Asian navy is changing its manner to operate mine hunting operations. The new unmanned systems not only significantly reduce the human exposure to danger, but are also controlled by three people, further slashing operational costs.
This unmanned solution for MCM operations is the first completely automated remotely piloted underwater robot demining system, including EMDS (Expandable Mine Disposal System) which can use a highly secured dedicated link for neutralization sequence. This ECA Group system completes the unmanned surface vessels ((USV) built by a partner company.
The USV is equipped with an inspection / detection function using the K-STER I and a destruction one using K-STER C  launched autonomously with an automated launch and recovery system (LARS).
Onshore, crew launches and pilots remotely from the control and command center the inspection vehicle.
If a mine is found a Disposal vehicle K-STER C is deployed by a dedicated launching system, in order to destroy the mine.
This project is the result of 20 year’s long partnership between Southeast Asian nations and ECA Group  and concluded with around €10 million ($12 million) contract back in 2015, the delivery of two complete systems in 2017 and expected service agreement in 2018. Sea acceptance tests of the first system is scheduled for September 2017.
The training for maintenance and usage were conducted end of May on the in ECA premises in South of France. 

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