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La Provence: ECA Group to take care of French Navy

La Provence: ECA Group to take care of French Navy's PAP demining robots until mid 2020's

ECA Group secured a newcontract for the supply of consumables for PAP demining remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).
Friday, August 4 2017 - Defence & Security
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Published on La Provence, July 2017.

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While awaiting the arrival of a new generation of unmanned systems specializing in the detection and neutralization of underwater mines, the Toulon-La Garde based ECA Group, just won a contract for the supply of spare parts for "Self-propelled fish" (Pap) of the French Navy.

PAP is equipped with cameras and arms to confirm the nature of an object detected in the sonar. Then, if it is a mine, it place an explosive charge as close as possible to destroy it.

These small remotely controlled submarines are 2.70 m long and with a mass of 700 kg, and should be able to remain operational until 2020-2022. It must be said ECA Group is particularly familiar with this product, and for good reason: it was them who designed and delivered it back in 1977 ...

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