JANGBOGO III: Successful Factory Acceptance Test for ECA Group submarine steering console

Tuesday, December 03 2019
In early summer 2019, ECA GROUP successufully passed the Factory Acceptance Test of the 3rd SNDC for the JANGBOGOIII – batch 1 Submarine for the Republic of Korean Navy.

As part of the JANGBOGO III – Batch 1 programme launched in 2014 by the Repblic of Korea Navy, ECA Group was awarded the supply of Steering and Diving Console (SNDC) for 3 submarines. The delivery of this equipment started 2016 for the first submarine and continued in 2018 for the second one.

In June 2019,ECA Group alonside Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), in charge of the manufacturing of the remaining third submarine, successfully carried out the Factory Acceptance Test of the steering and diving console (SNDC) to be installed on the 3rd submarine. This successful collaboration confirms ECA Group capability to smoothly run projects with first-time customers.

The next steps for tis programme includes:

  • Training - for both maintenance staff and operators
  • Setting To Work (STW) - planned next year.

ECA Group technical expertise in providing Steering and Diving Console for submarines is aknowledged woldwide and this achievement reinforces once again ECA Group’s expertise in this field, placing it as a key player in the submarine’s industry.


Jangbogo III programme

The Korean Attack Submarine program is a three-phased project to build up the Republic of Korea Navy's attack submarine arsenal.

Under the Jangbogo III Batch-I programme is one of the 3 phases of this project, aiming a providing 3 submarines. ECA Group was awarded to provide steering consoles on the entirety of this fleet.

The first submarine was launched in 2018 and will be handed over to the Korean Navy at the end of 2020 following two years of sea trials. The second submarine will be delivered at the end of 2022. Those first two submarine were attibuted to DSME and the third submarine to HHI.


About Hyundai Heavy Industries

Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully diversified from shipbuilding into offshore and engineering, industrial plant and engineering, engine and machinery, electro electric systems, construction equipment, and green energy businesses.





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