Jane's: An automated mine warfare solution for an Asian Navy

ECA Group developed an integrated unmanned mine countermeasures solution for a Southeast Asian navy.

Wednesday, September 13 2017 - Defence & Security
See also K-STER I

Published on Jane's, September 2017

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ECA Group has completed the development of an integrated unmanned mine countermeasures solution for an undisclosed Southeast Asian navy. Sea acceptance tests are expected by the end of this month,

Customer maintenance and operational training were conducted back in May at ECA’s premises in the south of France. Two complete systems are being delivered this year, to enter service in 2018.

ECA Group’s system is based on an INSPECTOR MK2 unmanned surface vessel (USV) that is controlled remotely from a command centre. The USV is equipped with two types of unmanned underwater vessels (AUVs & ROVs) that are launched autonomously by an automated launch and recovery system. The  K-STER I possesses an inspection function and is equipped with a dual-frequency sonar to permit long-range target detection and accurate approach, and a colour video camera and searchlight. It has an endurance of two hours and an operational range of 2,000m.

When a mine is located, a K-STER C expendable mine disposal unmanned vehicle is launched. It has a shaped-charge warhead in a tilting head that can be aimed at the target mine.