ECA Group upgrades a TV inspection camera for a Slovenian water boreholes service provider

Thursday, May 16 2019
ECA Group has been awarded a contract for a 1000m deep borehole inspection TV camera which will be used by a Slovenian company for the inspection of water wells

All water boreholes must, over time, be inspected internally to detect possible damages.

TV cameras are used to conduct such inspections, but the 1000m depth requires a specific tecnology (the data signals to be multiplexed on a mono coaxial cable) which has been developed and mastered by ECA GROUP.

Geological Survey of Slovenia, an important local borehole service company decided to renew their thrust in ECA Group's inspection systems' performances as they already owns a 1000m borehole inspection system, purchased in 2006.

With this contract, the customer renews and upgrades the TV camera itself for a DTR65 HRC colour TV camera, while keeping the rest of the system, which is fully compatible with the traditional borehole logging systems. The customer expressed its satisfaction towards the performances of the system.

ECA GROUP is actively committed to support its customers throughout the entire life span of its products.


The client expressed its satisfaction towards the performances of the purchased DTR65 HRC colour TV camera

It is much easier to show our customers what is happening within their boreholes than any explanation, or showing them logging results


DTR65HRC, a 1000 m depth TV inspection camera for water boreholes

The DTR65HRC colour TV camera and associated lights can be introduced into the borehole up to 1000m depth. Thanks to its swivelling head, the TV camera permits a thorough inspection of the borehole lateral walls and bottom screens, as well as a measurement of cracks and defects directly from the video. A dedicated reporting software allows the edition of the inspection report.

Laser available in option.



About The Geological Survey of Slovenia

Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) provides information about the geological setting and natural resources of Slovenia and participates in the development of knowledge about past and present processes taking place in the Earth's crust. GeoZS collects, stores, and disseminates data about the geology of Slovenia and through international cooperation with its partners abroad extends its activities over the Slovenian borders.

User-friendly system with a powerful camera at the tip

PC Monitoring and real-time view of the pipe

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