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ECA Group supports French Fire & Rescue Service with Emergency Driving Simulator

Tuesday, September 17 2019
ECA Group will equip the SDIS 22, a French Departmental Fire & Rescue Service with its EF-EMERGENCY driving training solution on their Car Simulator. The objective is double, on one hand to enhance the training of their ambulance drivers under emergency circumstances, on the other hand to raise awareness on traffic safety & legal framework.



The SDIS is a French Fire & rescue service that aside from its main activities, also offers awareness-raising campaign called “COD 0”. Opened to administrative and technical staff, as well as volunteers and professional firefighters, these sessions aims at training on driving ambulance-type lightweight vehicles.

By enhancing SDIS 22 Car simulator with the EF-Emergency module, ECA Group will be offering a quality training on emergency driving.

SDIS 22 Departmental Fire & Rescue Service will use the EF-Emergengy simulator to reinforce:

  • The safety of its emergency drivers & of transported victims
  • The respect of the legal framework on homeland territory
  • The efficiency of emergency driving response against imponderables


About EF-Emergency emergency driving simulator

EF-EMERGENCY is ECA Group standard training solution on driving simulator dedicated to first responders (firefighters, ambulance & police drivers). It can be customized with the integration of customer specific vehicles models, but also localised with typical country road signs & marks, left or right-hand drive and language translation.

ECA Group EF-EMERGENCY training solution is the ideal training tool for the firefighter’s ambulance & light intervention vehicle driving, as it can simulate :

  • Health Liaison Vehicle (French VLS)
  • Off-Road Liaison Vehicle (French VLRH)
  • Multi-Purpose Vehicle (French VTU)
  • Rescue & Assistance to Victims Vehicle (French VSAV)
Heath Liaison Vehicle drives from Fire Station

Heath Liaison Vehicle drives from Fire Station

Multi-Purpose Vehicle in Emergency Protection Mission

Rescue & Assistance to Victims Vehicle ready  for Evacuation


About SDIS 22

The SDIS - French Fire & rescue service - is an autonomous public establishment, composed of professional and volunteer firefighters alongside administrative, technical and specialized personnel. The missions of the SDIS are to:     

  • Prevent, protect and fight against fires,
  • Prevent and assess civil security risks,
  • Prepare safeguarding measures and organize of the means of rescue,
  • Protect of people, property and the environment,
  • Rescue and evacuate people involved in accidents or disasters.


Test ECA Group's EF-Emergency driving simulator

Meet our experts and test our simulators at our next events:

French Fire-Fighters Annual Congress   Milipol Paris 2019

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