ECA Group to supply steering consoles to Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Korean Jangbogo III Submarine project

ECA Group to supply steering consoles to Hyundai Heavy Industries for the Korean Jangbogo III Submarine project

Already providing steering consoles for 2 submarines as part of the Korean Jangbogo III Batch I Submarine project, ECA Group has been entrusted with a supply of another steering console for a 3rd submarine.

Wednesday, December 6 2017 - Defence & Security
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Within the framework of the Korean Jangbogo III Batch I (JIII-BI) Submarine project, consisting of the delivery of three submarines, ECA Group has been awarded for the supply of Steering Consoles.

The design of JIII-BI and manufacturing of the two firsts submarines was attributed to the South Korean DSME shipyard which awarded early 2014, ECA Group for the design and manufacturing of the two firsts Steering Consoles.

The manufacturing of the remaining third submarine has been attributed to Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard whichin turn, entrusted ECA Group for the supply of the third Steering Console.

Thanks to this contract, ECA Group is now cooperating with a new customer, Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Design and manufacturing of the firsts submarines of another batch of the project, called "Jangbogo III Batch II (JIII-BII)", has already been attributed once again to DSME shipyard which enables ECA Group to be now in good position for participating to the new tender regarding the Korean Jangbogo Class II (JIII-BII) Submarine programme.

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Jangbogo III programme

The Korean Attack Submarine program is a three-phased project to build up the Republic of Korea Navy's attack submarine arsenal.

Under the Jangbogo III programme, the first submarine is due to be launched in 2018 and handed over to the Korean Navy at the end of 2020 following two years of sea trials. The second submarine will be delivered at the end of 2022. Three batches composes Jangbogo III :

  • Batch-I consists in the first two hulls to be built by DSME and the third submarine to be built by HHI.
  • Batch-II will consist in three hulls with some design changes. They will be fitted with a greater deal of South Korean technology. In May 2016, DAPA select DSME for “KSS-III Batch-II Design and construction of the first hull”.
  • Batch-III will consists in the three remaining hulls (for a total of nine KSS-III submarines across all batches). The last submarine is expected to be delivered in 2029.

About DSME Shipyard

Started in 1973 in the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the shipyard of DSME has since grown into shipbuilding and offshore contractor who is specialized in building various vessels, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO/FPUs, submarines, and destroyers.

About Hyundai Heavy Industries

Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully diversified from shipbuilding into offshore and engineering, industrial plant and engineering, engine and machinery, electro electric systems, construction equipment, and green energy businesses.

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