ECA Group to supply Mistral 4000 Compact Navigation Simulator to Universidad Austral de Chile

ECA Group to supply Mistral 4000 Compact Navigation Simulator to Universidad Austral de Chile

ECA Group has signed a contract for the supply and installation of Mistral 4000 compact simulator for a new customer Universidad Austral Valdivia (UACh), in Chile.

Thursday, October 19 2017 - Training Simulation
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ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the supply of a compact Mistral 4000 Simulator System for the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdiavia.

The proposed solution is a compact cost-effective, but complete solution simulating any type of navigation and maneuvering in different environmental conditions, in order to ensure more realistic environment training.

The simulation system is also equipped with a desktop maneuvering console named ManSim Basic, completely designed and produced by ECA Group. It allows controlling speed and course of the vessel through realistic commands.

This type of configuration allows educational activities in the virtual navigation system context.

It includes several modules for the supervision of the communications and for automatic evaluation of exercises

About Universidad Austral de Chile

The Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), a new ECA Group customer, is a Chilean traditional private university located in Valdivia. Founded in 1954, it is one of the oldest university institutions in Chile.

UACh is among the top five universities nationwide, and it is a pioneer in delivering knowledge and culture in harmony with the environment.

The university offers a wide range of programs, which are underpinned by high-level research and development in the following areas: natural sciences, engineering  & technology, medical sciences and human health, agriculture and forest sciences, and social sciences and humanities.

About ECA Group Naval Training Simulation Systems

Mistral 4000

The ECA Group Mistral 4000 simulator system, designed to respond to the need of the University, is a compact ShipSim naval simulator composed by a desktop workstation for IMO navigation courses including an instructor station and two student workstations.


The ShipSim is an interactive desktop-based bridge Simulator which allows creating and executing training sessions in: Navigation, Maneuvers, Radar Arpa, GMDSS Communication and use of the main bridge equipment.

The ECA Group simulation system is fully compliant with the requirements for the professional STCW courses allowing the students to follow a complete training path from the basic knowledge of the navigation up to the advanced professional training.


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