ECA Group to supply DTR65HRC TV cameras for gun barrel inspection

ECA Group to supply DTR65HRC TV cameras for gun barrel inspection

Dacon, in Norway, has ordered from ECA Group two TV cameras for their Robinca system dedicated to gun barrels inspection.

Thursday, August 24 2017 - Energy & Industrial Equipment
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Dacon is a manufacturing company supplying man-overboard recovery systems including handlamps and portable lighting for professional use, Peli protective cases, portable ventilators, as well as visual inspection equipment and professional diving equipment.The compagny is also actively engaged in the gun barrel inspection and measurement sector, among others.  

ECA Group, within the framework of its wide cooperation with Dacon Norway, had participated to the initial development of the Robinca inspection module.

Robinca is a gun barrel inspection and measurement system which, on real time, permits to confirm the battle readiness of a gun barrel or assess its wear life time. It is a portable and versatile system for assessment of pitting, erosion and general wear of gun barrels. It combines visual inspection with highly accurate non-contact measurement technology.

Inspecting Gun barrels contributes to safety for investments and personnel by discovering developing degradations. It contributes to maintain the operational precision of a gun by reducing the risk of accidents due to phasing out the systems with overuse of worn barrels.

ECA group has been awarded the contract for the supply of two hemispherical viewing inspection cameras DTR 65 HRC, thus contributing to the on-going upgrade of the Robinca Gun Barrel system.

DTR 65 HRC is a very slim (65 mm OD) tube inspection TV camera offering an hemispherical viewing thanks to the tilt and lighting head. This swivelling head colour TV camera features the “DomeTilt-Rotate” process : 220° tilt and unlimited rotation under a transparent dome, with a cold light source mounted on the viewing head. The light made of Ultra Brite LED’s with 50 000 hours life time, combined with a high resolution and sensitivity electronic block, provides an incomparable chromatic fidelity and excellent quality images.

ECA Group has entered an order for two DTR 65 HRC cameras. The system was delivered at the end of July, 2017.

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