ECA Group to supply a BH Viewer 500 for TV inspection of mine wells in Poland

ECA Group to supply a BH Viewer 500 for TV inspection of mine wells in Poland

ECA Group will supply to KWB coal mine company in Belchatow (Poland) a BH Viewer 500 TV inspection system to operate inside mine wells with depth up to 500m.

Wednesday, May 16 2018 - Energy & Industrial Equipment
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ECA Group was awarded an order from the KWB coal mine company in Belchatow (Poland) for a BH Viewer 500 TV inspection system that can operate inside wells with depth up to 500m.

Due to the presence of groundwater underneath, it’s mandatory to pump water out so as to keep the water table low enough to prevent any risk of the mine getting flooded. This KWB coal mine has on its site several hundreds of 500m deep wells, which are regularly inspected on a daily basis.

This new BH Viewer 500 inspection equipment will replace a similar equipment bought from ECA Group almost two decades ago.

This contract has been obtained with the support of KREA Sp z.o.o, ECA Group agent in Poland, based in Cracow.

About ECA Group BH Viewer 500

A water borehole may present a series of dysfunctions resulting of usage and caused by whether the main casing, the filter screen or from chemical pollution. As a consequence, the well does not yield the required flow of water. To avoid important and costly repair operations, a systematic maintenance through visual inspection can be carried out to detect anomalies.

To do so, ECA Group offers a TV inspection systems coming with dedicated reporting software

BH Viewer 500 is equipped with a high resolution TV camera and a powerful lighting able to to perform into wells of 4 to 32’ of internal diameter.

Thanks to the lasers that equip the high resolution swivelling head TV camera, thorough inspection measurement of cracks and defects can be conducted directly from the video.

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About  KWB coal mine company 

The KWB Belchatow mine belongs to PGE, the Poland leader in electricity market as well as district heating market. The Bełchatów Brown Coal Mine is the leader of the Polish brown coal mining industry. It has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years. The main activity is the extraction and sale of lignite.

Bełchatów is the largest open pit mine in in the centre of Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Bełchatów coal is the cheapest energy fuel in Poland, from which the cheapest energy in the country is produced.