ECA Group to supply BH Viewer 500 borehole inspection system in the Republic of Belarus

ECA Group to supply BH Viewer 500 borehole inspection system in the Republic of Belarus

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for a BH Viewer 500 system for the inspection of boreholes up to 500 m depth, to be delivered to Republic of Belarus.

Friday, April 13 2018 - Energy & Industrial Equipment
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Further to a tender, ECA Group was awarded an order from a  private borehole service company based in Republic of Belarus for a BH Viewer 500 TV inspection system. The system will operate inside drinking water wells with depth up to 400m and diameter from 100 to 400 mm, in order to search for potential anomalies.

This contract has been obtained with the support of UAB Hidora, the ECA Group agent based in Lituania, who integrated ECA Group equipment into a comprehensive TV inspection van.

The performance quality and subsequent reputation of the BH Viewer 500 were among the main criteria for choosing this ECA Group system.

About UAB Hidora - ECA Group Local Agent

Since the end of 1990, the Lituania based company UAB Hidora, has been supplying various industrial pumps and their spare parts, equipment for pipeline cleaning, machines for sludge stripping, television diagnostic equipment for pipelines, track finders, water leak detectors, portable inductive flow meters, and manhole covers. 

About BH Viewer 500

It is a state-of-the-art TV inspection systems, incorporating a high resolution swivelling head colour TV camera and a powerful lighting that can inspect wells with ID ranging from 4 to 32’’.

Thanks to its swivelling head equipped with lasers the TV camera permits a thorough inspection of the borehole lateral walls, as well a measurement of cracks and defects directly from the video.

BH viewer 500 is able to detect anomalies inside pipes and wells such as dysfuntions in:

  • through-wall cracks
  • deformation
  • clogging
  • metal tear
  • chemical pollution

The system can also incorporate sensors for the inclination and trajectory measurement of the borehole during the TV inspection.

A dedicated reporting software allows the edition of the inspection report.

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