ECA GROUP supplies H300 MK2 ROV system to Oceanographic Institute in Tunisia

Monday, December 02 2019
ECA Group provides a H300 MK2 ROV system to a Tunisian Oceanographic Institut to carry out underwater research projects about living marine resources, biotechnologies & aquaculture.

Research and raising awareness about sea resources is nowadays among the main preoccupations of private and public institutions in charge of preventing and protecting the oceans. To better understand the underwater ecosystem, the increasing use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) over the last decades, and the development of ever-more performant sensors have allowed to improve understanding of what lies beneath.

The National Institute for Sea Sciences and Technologies, based in Tunisia, as part of its research projects, performs on a daily-basis various underwater missions to observe living marine resources, marine biotechnologies and aquaculture.

To be deployed from their Oceanographic vessel, this Institute was looking for a Remotely Operated Vehicle that is both compact and lightweight, but also securing high performances in terms of viewing systems and sonar capabilities. In order to perform a wide panel of tasks underwater, it was also required to integrate a light manipulator arm.


H300 MK2, a compact & lightweight, high viewing quality ROV, ideal to perform underwater tasks

The H300 MK2 ROV designed by ECA Group is in accordance to the customer's requirements thanks to its compactness, lightweight and handiness. It is easy to dock on a rig, or requires only 2 men to launch directly into the sea. The H300 MK2 ROV is the perfect solution for subsea inspections where stabilization and manipulation is needed.

The ROV will provide a significant help to perform underwater tasks efficiently in shallow waters up to 300m depth, as its main TV camera system is a colour dome camera with a performant zoom, providing a panoramic viewing of the area. The research team will also be able to run missions easily with an ergonomic control unit to operate both ROV as well as additional equipment.


Additional equipment to enhance ROV's performance

The H300 MK2 ROV system will be equipped with a 2-functions manipulator arm, allowing to operate with dexterity and precision. Morever ECA Group's electric arms being oil-free, manipulations can be carried out without any pollution risk.

A Super Sea King sonar and a USBL acoustic positioning system are also included as part of the equipment to enhance its performances.

ECA Group was awarded the contract, thanks to COM. Int. an Italy-based distributor. This order reinforces ECA Group's postionning as a reference ROV designer & supplier in Northern Africa.

The ROV systems delivery is forecasted for the second semester of 2019.


About The National Institute for Sea Sciences and Technologies

The National Institute for Sea Sciences and Technologies (INSTM), based in Carthage (Tunisia) is a public institution whose goals are to:

  • Conduct contract research programs in the areas directly or indirectly at sea and its resources: Fisheries, Agriculture, Marine Environment, Marine Technologies, Oceanography, etc.
  • Contribute to solving problems related to the development of urban and economic activities on the coast and in territorial waters alongside decision-makers, marine professionals and scientists.
  • To serve as a decision support tool in sustainable management of the sea and its resources. Contribute to the dissemination of marine culture and public awareness of the protection and preservation of the sea and biodiversity.


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