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ECA Group sells 26 EF ULTRA 2 Car Driving Simulators in Croatia

ECA Group sells 26 EF ULTRA 2 Car Driving Simulators in Croatia

Already present on the Croatian market, ECA Group will deliver 26 driving simulators to HAK, a motoring club for its driving training departments.
Thursday, April 27 2017 - Training Simulation

After the sale and the installation of a first simulator in 2015, ECA Group has signed a new significant contract with HAK for the delivery of EF-Ultra 2 simulators in Croatia.

As the main Croatian motoring club of its country, HAK offers a large range of services to its members including technical assistance to drivers on the road, car insurance, car repairs and driving training.

With all its driving schools across the country, HAK provides initial driving trainings aiming to prepare the drivers to obtain the driving license and in this context the Association chooses simulators to complete their training programs.

This contract is following the delivery in 2015 of a first unit for assessment of ECA Group simulators and pedagogical content which gave full satisfaction to HAK. Thanks to it and the help of ECA Group partner, a Croatian version is going to be designed.

ECA Group's car driving simulator EF-Ultra 2 is a solution designed to enhance students' driving training in order to improve their driving capacities. The realism and the performance of the driving simulator  enables students to master the vehicle and face tricky situations without facing real danger.

ECA Group‘s EF-Ultra 2 which is equipped of car manufacturer’s parts and of three screens should help the drivers to be more confident and involved in their trainings. Delivered with the latest software version and with a rich variety of educational modules, going from initial to advanced training, the drivers will master the vehicle and all driving situations.

The first part of the delivery is planned on May 2017.

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