ECA Group releases its white paper on Vessel's critical equipment obsolescence

Monday, May 07 2018

ECA Group releases its white paper on how to deal with life cycle management of its equipment installed onboard Navy submarines/vessels. 

At the occasion of 2017 SIA (Submarine Institute of Australia) conferences in Adelaide, ECA Group presented a study on how to manage obsolescence for electronic equipment by introducing a virtual JAVA machine into ECA Group OPSYS architectures

The white paper offers an introduction to Virtual Application Platform (VAP), used in ECA Group OPSYS equipment and developed by MicroEJ, allows to understand the benefit of using VAP concept in application software design and in future hardware obsolescence management.

Demonstration of obsolescence management cost reduction is done on a real autopilot calculator using VAP concept. 

Analysis of recent upgrades done by ECA Group on three important control and monitoring systems shows the interest of integrating VAP concept from beginning of system design in order to maximize the obsolescence management cost reduction factor.


Download white Paper in English


For many years, ship and submarines owners have been interested by ECA Group's OPSYS equipment to be embedded on-board for propulsion control and monitoring system.

At first specially studied for military applications (warships, submarines) and oil rigs, this reliable system offers a high availability that can be also well applied to the maritime sector.

OPSYS is a real-time control and monitoring architecture encompassing both hardware and software. Its modular design makes it easily customizable in terms of monitoring and calculator units, and network topology. Along with its redundant design, Opsys comes with advanced automation and calculation software, an Man-Machine Interface, and utility tools to parse and send data to/from external equipment.

OPSYS offers sea proven capability that has been demonstrated for many years.


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