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ECA GROUP provides H300 MK2 ROV system for fish farms inspection in Chile

Wednesday, February 17 2021
ECA GROUP delivers a H300 MK2 ROV system in Chile for offshore fish farms inspection. This system will allow to monitor the fishes behaviour and state of the infrastructure.

ECA GROUP delivered to Servicios Maritimos Integrales Ltda, a H300 MK2 ROV system which will be operated to perform inspection tasks within fish farms offshore the Chilean coast. 

Cage farming of fishes in open seas is an increasingly popular mean of aquaculture. All offshore fish farms are settled within shallow water and at a short distance from main land.

Such infrastructures requires the inspection of their nets and of their underwater part, The ROV is thus needed to locate and operate on the mooring points underwater, as for example checking the structure mooring on the seabed. 

The challenge is the necessity to reach the fish farm zone with reduced size service boats, where the space to embark the ROV and its payloads is limited. 


ECA GROUP H300 MK2 was selected for its compactness, performance and modularity. Its features allows the H300-MK2 to easily operate in constraint environments.

In addition to inspection tasks, the H300 MK2 ROV, will also secure the monitoring of the fish farm. Deployed inside the cage, it will allow to:

  • monitor the behaviour of the fishes;
  • detect eventual diseases, risk of escape or the intrusion of predator species;
  • perform cartography and cleaning operations (extraction of plastic at sea bottom).

The H300-MK2 ROV’s main TV camera system is a colour dome camera with zoom, providing a panoramic viewing, to be of significant help and efficiency for these tasks.


Servicios Maritimos Integrales Ltda has been using ECA GROUP equipment with its team in Chile for 2 years with excellent results: "Now, we have the ability to operate under 200 meters underwater without any problems.”




It is an Observation Class ROV system for the intervention up to 300m depth. Modular and easily configured according the customer's needs, a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors can be embedded.

The ECA GROUP H300 MK2 ROV, due to its compactness, lightweight and handiness, complies to the requirement of the maritime sector, and is particularly suited for Fish farms inspection application.



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