ECA Group provides 3 Pipe Inspection Systems in Tunisia

ECA Group provides 3 Pipe Inspection Systems in Tunisia

ECA Group has been awarded a contract for the delivery to Tunisia of three Z-Pipe Viewer TV systems
Tuesday, January 24 2017 - Energy & Industrial Equipment

This contract for the provision of 3 Z-Pipe Viewer TV systems will contribute to further reinforce ECA Group already well established commercial position in Tunisia.  The Z-Pipe Viewer will enable the client to proceed to swift diagnosis of waste water networks.

ECA Group Z-Pipe Viewer solution

The Z-Pipe Viewer is a portable system permitting a swift inspection of pipes with a diameter from 100 to 800 mm, directly from a manhole: the operator introduces a pole equipped with a powerful zoom TV camera and associated lights, permitting to view the pipe over on distance up to 30 m, in both directions. This operation is done extremely rapidly, and avoids the need for a preliminary hydro-cleaning which is required with traditional systems (where an electric trolley carries the camera inside the pipe).

The main application of this inspection solution is the search for network major dysfunctions (deposit, root, collapse, penetrating lateral pipe…)

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