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ECA GROUP presents the Army Driver Training Centre, a complete truck simulator system to ensure continuous operational capability of logistics drivers

Thursday, July 29 2021
It is well known that logistics is key to success in military operations, particularly in high-intensity conflicts. The training of logistics drivers on simulators is therefore becoming necessary in a context of large-scale mobilisation of vehicles in external operations in order to ensure the sustainability of skills and knowledge.

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In the context of the large-scale mobilisation of vehicles in external operations, driving instruction is fast becoming a priority requiring the optimisation of training resources and logistical costs, given the multitude of units with personnel to train.

To meet this requirement, ECA GROUP has designed an Army Driver Training Centre as a complete training system that can be deployed in several satellite locations in a country to permanently meet the challenges of training standardisation and interoperability. This allows a soldier to start training in one location and continue the training process in another, and overcomes the problem of mobility, intrinsic to the military profession, whether in the context of a transfer or for specific missions.

As far as the trainers are concerned, the ECA GROUP solution supports them in their mission by allowing them to manage several trainees simultaneously, but also to follow multiple trainees over time thanks to an integrated database. The exercises performed by the trainees and their progress are thus archived and can be the subject of a report to be sent to the trainee and his or her hierarchy to confirm that a level has been attained, and testify to the work done. 

The ECA GROUP solution benefits from the versatility of the EF-Truck simulator as an all-in-one training solution, able to meet multiple course objectives. The various modules support driver licensing, specialised transport driver training, convoy and off-road driving, and even dedicated tactical training. The Army Driving Training Centre incorporates advanced vehicle modelling, with the ability to select and configure different logistics vehicles that are deployed at home or in military operations overseas.

Military driving licences are fundamental qualifications for an army to improve its soldiers’ mission readiness, while also ensuring their safety. Driving instruction is therefore a priority requiring the optimisation of training resources and logistical costs, given the multitude of units with personnel to train.

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