ECA Group hosts the navigability study meeting for the La Spezia port expansion project

Friday, December 22 2017
ECA Group Simulation System Mistral 4000 was chosen by La Spezia Port Authority to conduct further navigability tests of the new area of the future Cruise Terminal. The meeting took place in ECA Group premises in Italy.

ECA Group and the Port Authority of La Spezia have signed a contract to supply the second part of a project relating to the navigability study for the extension of the new area of the Gulf Terminal of the city of La Spezia for hosting the largest cruise ships in the world.

This study has been requested from the customer to supplement the one already conducted on January 2017 and whose results were satisfactory.

The requested survey with various navigability trials was carried out with the support of a qualified ECA Group Simulator Instructor and representatives from the Pilot authorities, the tugboat captain, the Italian Coast Guard and the Port Authority of La Spezia.

ECA Group offered a support with its Training Simulator MISTRAL 4000 and its capability to simulate complex and various scenarios in which the crew is called to work. Training exercises are conducted on Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator covering different maneuvers, mooring and unmooring, use and control of main engine, navigation & maneuvering in port.

The assessments of maneuverability and mooring have been conducted using the simulated model, designed by ECA Group staff, of one of the biggest cruise ships in the world , on board of the MISTRAL 4000 simulator system (Certified Full Mission DNV Class A).

This system allows determining the trajectory of the ship considering the action of external disturbances (such as waves, wind and current) and the effect of particular operational situations, such as limited water and shallow waters.

The maneuvers of entry and exit from the port area in question are been conducted using the steering controls of the simulated unit and by means of tugboats.

The modification of the geographical configuration of the port is a modernization plan aiming at improving overall port capacity and increasing safe navigation in its operational areas. ECA Group is proud to continue the partnership with La Spezia Port authority and offer them its best simulation solutions.

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Read more: Naval Simulator Mistral 4000 for La Spezia port extension project


navigability study for the project of the extension of the port of La Spezia, meeting held in ECA GROUP premises in Genoa

Navigability trials simulated on Full Mission Mistral 4000 Simulator

Navigability trials simulated on Full Mission Mistral 4000

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