ECA GROUP equips Shanghai University ROV with electric arm for subsea scientific research

Monday, September 09 2019
ECA Group provides a 5 function electric manipulator arm to be integrated onto an ROV belonging to the University of Shanghai to perform subsea scientific research missions

Ocean's preservation is at the heart of institutions studying marine diversity, the increasing use of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROVs) within research programs underwater has led to a better understanding of the fragility of the underwater ecosystem.

Shanghai University, for its subsea scientific research missions, operates a compact ROV rated to 1000m depth. To enhance the ROV performance and widen their scope of actions, the university was willing to integrate a lightweight light manipulator arm.

For subsea applications, a performing, efficient and lightweight manipulator arm are key features, required to inspect, perform underwater works, collect or retrieve samples or objects in deep sea.

ECA Group offers a wide range of lightweight electric manipulators and Shanghai university selected the ARM 5E Micro for its performances, high lifting capability, compactness and easy integration onto any type of ROV.

This solution was specifically designed to answer the needs of research institutes and underwater inspection service providers in search of efficient tools to perform operations in the field of Oceanography, Hydrography and Aquaculture.

The arm will be delivered in September 2019, through ECA Group distributor in China: Tianjin Ocean Exploration Co Ltd.


Arm 5E Micro, a compact & lightweight, manipulator arm, ideal to perform underwater tasks

Developed by ECA Group in order to be integrated on lightweight ROVs, the ARM 5E Micro is an entirely electrical arm suitable for tricky tasks requiring high accuracy without jolt. It can conduct a wide range of operations and offers high lifting performances while being one of the lightest 5-function electrical manipulator arm available on the market.

Fully electric, and a perfect alternative to existing hydraulic units, this high technology equipment works perfectly with ECA Group ROVs, but also with ROVs manufactured by other companies, as well as with ROVs directly integrated by operators.

The maintenance is made easy, by its architecture with brushless motors. It can be fitted on any inspection-class ROV available on the market, and can be equipped with a micro grabber.

The unique compactness and lightweight features of this arm enable two arms to be installed, side by side, on a single skid placed right underneath the ROV. Using this configuration diverse operations in complete autonomy from one another can be run. This configuration is highly profitable for ROVs owners who desire to achieve complex underwater operations.


About Shanghai University

Shanghai University is one of the Chinese nation's leading research universities. Its academic spectrum includes cursus in the arts, laws, social science, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, computer science, material science, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering.


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