ECA Group drones & robots collaborating against emerging threats

ECA Group drones & robots collaborating against emerging threats

Discover how ECA Group UAVs & UGVs unmanned robotics systems collaborate to help facing increased and possible unconventional attacks.
Thursday, February 16 2017 - Defence & Security

ECA Group designs and produces robotic solutions for counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency or law enforcement to detect & defeat:

  • Explosive Ordonance, Improvised Explosive Device (IED), Vehicle-borne IED (VBIED)
  • Area enemy activity : IED triggerman, impending ambush, cameraman or sniper
  • Hazardous materials : Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN)
  • Dull, Dirty or Dangerous (DDD) risks & other emerging or special threats

ECA Group provides unmanned systems operating on land, at sea and in air performing missions in hostile or restrictive environments. From Remotely Operated to Unmanned and Autonomous vehicles.

Reconnaissance & surveillance

UAV IT180 detecting an abandoned suspicious vehicle


UAV IT180 Night viewUAV IT180 detecting a suspicious person near an abandoned vehicle

ECA Group mini UAV IT180 provides a great support to intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR) missions. Equipped with a  Gyro-stabilized EO/IR video camera, detection of individuals can be done up to 1 200 meters. The thermal camera helps to determine when a car engine was last turned-off.

As the first responder team start the investigation of an identified suspected threat, using the UGV IGUANA, the UAV IT180 continues to support the mission and provides:

  • Real-time direct view of the UGV intervention to facilitate complex manipulations
  • Radio-relay for long range or non-direct view operations
  • Perimeter surveillance (against triggerman, impending ambush, cameraman or sniper)

Investigation & neutralization

Once a threat is detected, the ECA Group UGV IGUANA can be sent to get a better situation awareness. This new mid-sized UGV provides a complete response thanks to its capabilities to manage emerging attacks such as Vehicle-Borne IED with CBRNe materials.

The  UGV IGUANA can easily reach into confined spaces, such as vehicles, to investigate & recover a suspicious device. Equipped with a range of CBRN sensors & able to deploy X-Ray systems it enables to take well-informed decisions for neutralization using the disruptors mounted on the robot.

UGV IGUANA in vehicle investigation mission

UGV IGUANA in vehicle investigation mission

UGV IGUANA proceeding to a vehicle investigation mission


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