ECA Group develops Active Posture Control for its Emergency Driving Simulators

Wednesday, July 04 2018

Emergency driving is a demanding exercice requiring the driver to have a fine and full control of its vehicle and its dynamics, especialy when driven at fast speed. An accurate control of the vehicle must be coupled with a good driver posture to perform emergency driving in the safest way possible.


To do so,  ECA Group developed a unique system on the market to assess the driver's posture and help instructors to correct students by going further than the driving learning process itself.


This innovative system, the Active Posture Control is particulary suited to answer the needs for posture assessement for different types of customers such as:

The Active Posture Control system relates to the acquisition of information enabling the interpretation of key positions for students to acquire the good ergonomics during the driving learning exercises.


This brand new solution consist in equipping the driving simulator with additional sensors in a cost-effective mechanism, coming with a dedicated software to inteprete the data gathered during the driving exercices.


Active posture control systems determines the good / bad posture of the drivers based on 3 points of control based on an "on contact" simple system (foot or hand) capable to detect with precision:

  • The presence / absence of the hand on the gear lever
  • The presence / absence of the foot on the footrest to the left of the clutch
  •  Time spent rate with the correct / bad posture

The advantage is this system is to be completely embedded on simulator in a way that the sensors are invisible. Thanks to these non intrusive components, students don't feel like being assessed and can have a natural driving behavior while the sensor will gather the data.

Active posture Control will be available on ECA Group's EF-EMERGENCY driving simulators due to be commercialised by the end of the year, and should be extended to its whole range of driving simulation solutions.

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