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ECA Group demonstrates its underwater robotics collaborative system for MCM missions

Monday, February 22 2016
On the 11th of February ECA Group demonstrated in Toulon harbor of its latest achievements in terms of underwater robotics collaborative operations for Mine Counter Measure missions.

The demonstrated underwater mission was executed in two successive phases with initial Detection and Classification using A9-M man portable AUV, which gathered side scan sonar data whilst following the preprogrammed underwater trajectory of the area to investigate in search for simulated underwater threat. After recovery, the recorded sonar data were analyzed within minutes and an object of interest pointed out on the processed side scan sonar mosaic. Coordinates were then transferred from the A9-M control software to K-STER control software, which ROV K-STER was then launched and joined the coordinates for visual Identification of the object seen previously with the sonar (see data extracts below).

ECA Group Demonstration MCM Systems

The demonstration showed the effectiveness of the full MCM operation during which in a couple of hours, an area was mapped and an object investigated, using a unique combination of these two light MCM vehicles. Navy representatives attending the demonstration were impressed of the reliability and ease of use of the two equipment combined in a complete MCM system.

Demonstration ECA Group MCM System

A9-M and K-STER are both MCM design standards compliant equipment already in use in Navies worldwide and their combination, which has already recently been delivered to a first Asian Navy for MCM operations, offer to Navies the capability to operate a light underwater minewarfare capability, deployed from any kind of vessel.

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