ECA Group delivers a Z Pipe Viewer system for swift inspection of water networks in Spain

ECA Group delivers a Z Pipe Viewer system for swift inspection of water networks in Spain

ECA Group has been awarded a contact for the delivery to Spain of a Z-Pipe Viewer TV system for swift diagnosis of waste water networks.

Friday, July 6 2018 - Energy & Industrial Equipment

ECA Group delivered  of a Z-Pipe Viewer to the Spanish company TECSAN. The system will be used by a local water supply and sanitation operating company to conduct swift inspection within waste water networks.

Traditional way of proceeding to an overall inspection of a waste water pipe is to introduce inside the latter an electric trolley fitted with a TV camera. However this method requires a preliminary hydro-cleaning operation to be performed inside the pipe, since the progression of the trolley over long distances inside the pipes suppose to get rid of potential obstacles.

As for this particular client, the aim of the inspection work is to search for a network major dysfunction, ECA Group Z-Pipe Viewer represents an attractive alternative solution, as it is portable and allows very fast swift inspection of pipes directly from the manhole. Thus permitting to view the pipe over a distance up to 30 m, in both directions.

About ECA Group's Z Pipe Viewer

The Z-Pipe Viewer a portable system for swift diagnosis of sewerage or drinking water lines able to perform within pipes of internal diameter from 100 to 800 mm. This solution is intended the follwing tasks:

  • Rapid diagnosis of the general state of the network
  • Search for major dysfunctions of hydraulic type or structural type, tank
  • Inspection and rapid check of hydro-cleaning quality

Z Pipe Viewer MK2 system is equipped with the latest technologies :

  • TV Camera with optical zoom 40x
  • Digital recorder
  • Long-range LED Lights
  • Carbon telescopic pole

Z Pipe Viewer MK2 can perform built-in distance measurement, thus allowing a single operator to proceed to a high quality inspection in total safety.


TECSAN is a company based in Spain which provides technological solutions for the inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of pipelines, based on the supply of equipment and systems most suitable for each application. It also supplies technical assistance, to water supply and sanitation companies, construction companies and services, official bodies and industry in general, throughout Spain.

TECSAN distributes ECA Group’s  Z Pipe Viewer system since 2009, and has so far sold 85 of these systems in Spain’’ 

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