ECA GROUP delivers ROV systems for UWILD offshore underwater works in Argentina

Thursday, April 08 2021
ECA GROUP has supplied a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), the H800, to the Argentinian offshore operator, Terminales Maritimas Patagonicas (Termap). ECA GROUP's H800 serves for subsea observation, inspection and surveillance resisting strong currents in up to 1000m depth.

ECA GROUP’s Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV H800 will equip Termap, offshore provider in Argentina, for their Underwater Inspections in Lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD).Termap specializes in Offshore Loading Terminals and UWILD operations. UWILD is an alternative to the conventional dry-docking methodology of inspecting marine vessels wherein the submerged part of the vessel hull is inspected while in operation to reduce downtime, additional travel time and cost.

In the oil and gas industries, UWILD is a prevailing inspections method chosen by operators for its cost-effectiveness. The procedures are being strictly controlled by international regulations to ensure the structural and operational integrity of any marine asset throughout its operational life span.

ECA GROUP’s 300m depth rated compact and powerful ROV enables the company to perform UWILD tasks such as Non-Destructive Tool (NDT) measurements, cleaning and inspection.

ECA GROUP’s H800 ROV system appealed particularly to the Argentinian offshore provider due to its inspection performances, man-portability and modularity. Equipped with 6 thrusters, it is the most powerful ROV of of ECA GROUP’s Observation class ROVs,  allowing to conduct high quality checks and precise underwater works.

Upon customer' request, ECA GROUP furnished the ROV system as per the following equipment:

  • A Gemini sonar: A compact multi-beam imaging sonar specifically developed for shallow water operations
  • A two-axis-manipulator-arm to handle immersed structures.
  • A NDT station installed on a skid underneath the ROV, allowing to verify the structural integrity and assess the level of corrosion and wear.
  • A lock latch system, for easy deployment/recovery into/from the sea.       

So that subsea operations can be conducted safely without risk of exposing humans to risk, ECA GROUP ROV systems allows to carry out any underwater works while offering a high viewing resolution, improved obstacle avoidance positioning as well as the target detection capability.

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