ECA Group delivers a nuclear robotic system  to Westinghouse France

ECA Group delivers a nuclear robotic system to Westinghouse France

ECA Group has delivered to Westinghouse a special robotic system to inspect the internal bottom of steam generators for the nuclear plants in France

During the outage period, the bottom plate of the steam generator, for its secondary loop, must be inspected to identify the foreign objects and other magnate deposits that have accumulated during the production period. Due to the high density of primary loop tubes, the manoeuvrability of inspection robots is a real challenge.

This is the reason why Westinghouse a major nuclear service operator in France specialized in nuclear technology for pressurized water reactors launched a tender. 

ECA Group has offered a solution including two types of remote controlled carriers :

  • a magnetic crawler that covers the peripheral areas
  • a very flat (50 mm) carrier which runs on the central alley, using built-in swords to penetrate between the tubes and inspect these areas
  • both being controlled at distance (80m) with fiber optic umbilicals

ECA Group has entered an order for a first series of 6 systems, and has just delivered to Westinghouse France, the first system, considered as the prototype.

This delivery served as commissioning as well as training session for client’s team of operators.

This first system will be sent to Westinghouse maintenance centre in Belgium

The delivery of those 6 systems are expected  before end of 2017.


The system's regie

The system's cart

The system'spice