ECA Group delivers its H300 ROV for intervention on immerged structures in France

Wednesday, February 27 2019
Satif Ouvrage d’Art, a French private service company has been delivered a H300 ROV, equipped with a scanning sonar and an imaging sonar, both mounted on a specific skid to conduct inspection and intervention tasks on immerged structures

Service companies operating with ROV’s in lakes or rivers works often in turbid, muddy or polluted waters which makes the use of traditional video cameras impossible and requires acoustic based cameras.

In order to inspect and intervene on immerged structures, the French company Satif Ouvrage d’Art was delivered an ECA GROUP H300 MK2 ROV, equipped with the two  acoustic systems, a precise positioning system linked to surface operators by a fibre-optic umbilical cable.

To address the customer's need, ECA Group offered relevant solutions with sophisticated equipment mounted on its Remotely Operated Vehicle H300 range :

  • A top-of-the-art scanning sonar which can be installed either
    • Horizontally - to scan the sea bottom
    • Or vertically - to scan a vertical surface
  • A high resolution imaging sonar

Both sonars are mounted on individual skids that are assembled beneath the ROV, either individually or together, one above the other.

Satif Ouvrage d’Art expressed its satisfaction towards the performances of the delivered system as well as the support provided by ECA GROUP's team.


About Satif Ouvrage d’Art

The Satif Ouvrage d’Art is a French operating company, based around Saint-Etienne, specialized in inspection and intervention on immerged structures such as bridges, locks, dams or water treatment plants.  It is part of the SERFIM Group.

Photo Courtesy of SATIFOA


About ECA Group H300 ROV / Remotely Opertaed Vehicles

H300 ROV is a modular Remotely Operated Vehicle for the intervention up to 300m depth, that can be equipped with a large range of additional equipment for inspection and surveillance such as :

  • Viewing system: rear and 3D TV cameras, and digital still camera
  • Imaging sonar
  • Manipulator Arms
  • Additional sensors

Both ROV and additional equipment control be controlled through a single and ergonomic control unit. The umbilical cable is housed on a manual winch, easy to transport, and equipped with a slip ring assembly.


Learn more about ECA Group's Remotely Operated Vehicles Solutions

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