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ECA Group delivers 26 Ultra Cockpit driving simulators to school district in Illinois

ECA Group delivers 26 Ultra Cockpit driving simulators to school district in Illinois

ECA Group delivered twenty-six, Ultra Cockpit simulators to St. Charles Community Unit School District in St. Charles, Illinois (USA).

The ECA Group has designed this driving simulator Ultra Cockpit to make traffic safety training both engaging and affordable, and with its heavy duty steel construction, durable steering and pedal controls, and powerful Dell PC’s. Being robust, Ultra cockpit driving simulator is also engineered for daily and non-stop use.

Offered in both 3 screen and 5 screen configurations, this simulator features the advanced traffic safety training software, which includes 39 lessons and over 200 scenarios and exercises organized into basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons that address risk awareness, crash avoidance, driving in adverse conditions and more.  

St. Charles Community Unit School District also received ECA Group's Distracted Driving System, which includes actual Android smart phones for both the instructor and student, as well as integrated texting applications that enable the instructor to send text messages to the student at the tap of a button, or automatically at random intervals. This system is designed to create real life distractions while driving in risky driving scenarios, which accurately illustrates the dangers of trying to text while driving. 

As with the  entire training simulators range, the Ultra Cockpit features realistic cab ergonomics, immersive graphics and integrated training lessons with a Virtual Instructor assistant.   

The Ultra Cockpit is designed to be more than just driving simulator, but rather a comprehensive training system.  

St. Charles Community Unit School District will be using their new simulators to train 100’s of students each year as part of their driver education program.  

A 3 screen Ultra Cockpit simulator

A 3 screen Ultra Cockpit Simulator


Side view of 5 screen Ultra Cockpit

Side view of a 5 screen Ultra Cockpit


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