ECA Group delivered 2 CAMELEON EOD robots to secure the 17th FINA World Championships

ECA Group delivered 2 CAMELEON EOD robots to secure the 17th FINA World Championships

ECA Group was awarded a contract for the delivery of 2 CAMELEON EOD unmanned robots to the Bomb Disposal Unit of the Hungarian National Police to contribute to the explosive ordnance investigations & responses at the 2017 FINA World Swimming Championships.

At the occasion of 17th FINA World Swimming Championships held in Budapest from July 14-30, 2017, the Bomb Disposal Unit of the Hungarian National Police, via its Hungarian distributor partner, GAMMA Technical Corporation reinforced its intervention capacities with the integration of 2 CAMELEON E unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) especially customized by ECA Group to answer the exact customer need.

Able to carry both EOD & CBRN detectors, the CAMELEON E, is the perfect UGV for well-informed decision to neutralize a potential dirty bomb combining CBRN material with Explosives. As the purpose of this kind of speculative emerging weapon is to contaminate the area around with the CBRN material dispersal, a remote sensor measurement is a necessary preventive measure before the disruptor shot of any suspected device considered as a potential CBRNE (CBRN & EOD) attack.

The CAMELEON E can be operated in both day and night and can be used in many different situations such as urban, rural and indoor environments (airports, railway stations, underground, tunnels, etc.).

Furthermore, the mobile base and all its mission modules have been designed to be very resistant allowing the CAMELEON E to be operated in harsh conditions such as heat, cold, rain, snow, fog, and also in all types of terrain such as earth, sand, grass, concrete, asphalt, mud, etc.

Thanks to its modular design, the CAMELEON E can also be equipped with various missions’ modules:

  • A disruptor support can be installed on the 6-axis arm of the CAMELEON E in order to perform Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) neutralization. With this module, various recoilless disruptors can be mounted on the CAMELEON E.
  • A X-Ray system module in the aim of making radiographies of any objects. With this module, the operator can use the CAMELEON E to watch through opaque material such as bin, suitcase, package and any other suspicious items without risking the life of any person.
  • A Chemical & Radiological sensor support to embed agent’s detectors & provide the information instantly displayed on the Control Unit of the CAMELEON E.

The CAMELEON E is associated with a 10 inches touch screen Operator control unit (OCU) including a very intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface). With this OCU, a single pilot can manage all ROV functions and modules with high efficiency thanks to the data feedback that gives all information about the mission performed on real-time.


Field proven, lightweight & modular to handle multiple missions, the CAMELEON E is the perfect UGV to support Major Events Security regarding the specific EOD & CBRN challenges to this several mass events and more generally to Safety Challenges in Major Cities.

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Cameleon wireless x-ray system

Cameleon wireless x-ray system

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