ECA Group to deliver a H300 ROV for hydro-electric dams inspection in China

Tuesday, April 18 2017
ECA Group will provide a H300 ROV system to the Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower, in China. This ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) enable to proceed to inspection works of hydro-electric dams and related power plant.

Hydraulic dams require inspection, and the use of ROVs do prevail nowadays, permitting an on-going survey, thus avoiding the emptying the upstream reservoir constraint.

Parts to be monitored and inspected are most frequently the dam wall itself, but also other specific parts like the spillway, the structures - also called "overflow channels" - used to provide the controlled release of flows from the dam into the downstream area.

ECA Group H300 ROV is particularly suited for this kind of application. Indeed, H300 ROV is lightweight, thus easy to handle and launch without the need of a TMS cage. Its modular and flexible design also offers an easy access to all sub-systems for maintenance  &  high performance sonar system, insuring a high quality viewing.

This is the reason why ECA Group has entered an order from Beijing Member Technology Co, (its agent in China for non-defence applications), for a H300 ROV system to be delivered to the Guangdong Research Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower. Specifically, the ROV H300 intergrates Super Seaking DST sonar system and a two function electric manipulator arm, which is installed on a dedicated skid underneath the ROV.

This order reinforces ECA Group's  expertise and sales record for the inspection of hydro-electric dams and related power plant.


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Read more about: ECA Group announces the release of H300-V, a new 300m Rated Inspection-Class ROV


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