ECA Group awarded a contract for U209 class submarines equipment in Asia

Tuesday, May 30 2017
ECA Group was awarded a contract to supply static frequency converters for two U209 class submarines. This South East Asia Navy already operates two U209 class submarines equipped with ECA Group static frequency converters.

Being satisfied with ECA Group equipment and service, this South East Asia Navy through its Ministry of Defence decided to entrust ECA Group with another contract for two other U209 class submarines.

The Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ new generation designed by ECA Group for submarines, is an advanced technological solution that replaces an existing rotary converter. The advantage of this solution is that it fits in existing submarine interfaces. It can be dismantled into several sub-assemblies for an easier submarine integration. ECA Group’s Static frequency Converters are in compliance with submarines’ NAVY standards.

From now on, this South East Asia Navy has ECA Group static converters on all its whole U209 submarines fleet.

ECA Group static frequency converters equip several French submarines. Moreover, ECA Group already supplied its 60KVA and 5KVA static frequency converters to other navies in South East Asia.

This family of equipment for conversion of energy benefits of all ECA Group experience in silent equipment. ECA Group is a specialist of:

  • Onboard degaussing systems for active reduction of magnetic signature of ships & submarines and ranging and deperming,
  • Subsea magnetic and acoustic ranges for navies to measure and control of acoustic and magnetic signature of their vessels,
  • Underwater deperming ranges to actively reduce the vessels magnetic signature.
  • Silent electrical engines for ships in order to significantly lower acoustic and magnetic signature of ships.
  • Demining robots which have to be very silent both magnetically and acoustically in order to operate safely close to the mines

With its comprehensive range of solutions for ships and submarines, ECA Group is a key player in providing equipment for management and reduction of acoustic or magnetic signature.

The world market for the ECA Group equipment hereabove integrating high magnetic and acoustic signature requirements is estimated around 1 billion euros per year.


Discover ECA Group Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ


 Static Converter 20KVA-400 HZ and 60HZ

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