ECA Group awarded with a contract for Maintenance Training Stations in Mexico

ECA Group awarded with a contract for Maintenance Training Stations in Mexico

Maintenance Training Devices will be installed in AISG facilities, and used for training maintenance crews on A320 and B737NG aircrafts.
Wednesday, February 8 2017 - Training Simulation

ECA Group will be installing one A320 MTD and one B737NG Maintenance Training Devices stations, in Cancun, Mexico. AISG (Aviation Integrated Service Group) is Mexico’s leading aircraft services company dedicated to the commercial airline industry.

ECA Group’s Maintenance training devices offer a wide range of functionalities throughout an ergonomic interface. It provides a cost-effective full simulation software.

Based on the pedagogic concept stating that learning is more efficient through practice, training is brought to students in an innovative way. Instructors can prepare their lessons efficiently, control the students and check their learning process through complete reports. Training is more interesting, more active and more efficient, although taking into account training centers return on investment constraints.

The A320 and B737NG Maintenance Training Devices will be used to teach maintenance crews about the aircraft systems and the troubleshooting procedures, prior to line maintenance performance.

ECA Group MTD shall increase the training quality, and therefore the effectiveness of AISG activities.


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