ECA Group and GDI Simulation announce their partnership in a joint offer for Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Training Systems: the AKASIM

Wednesday, November 20 2019
Tactical training for AFV vehicles through realistic and immersive simulation requires complete connected combat simulation systems sharing common virtual environment.
ECA Group and GDI Simulation joined decades of their respective experience in driving and combat simulation to address this market and provide a new generation training solution. Today the two partners announce their common offer AKASIM (Architecture for Kinestesic AFV SIMulators) sharing the same information system, sensors, combat means and communication enhancing network centric warfare from the brigade to individual soldiers.

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The AKASIM allows armies to achieve full combat readiness while achieving to lower the costs, save ammunition, reduce fuel consumption and optimize maintenance operations.


Proven technologies for multiple-networked combat

Combining the state-of-the-art technologies and training programs, the new AKASIM solution leverages the best of respective ECA Group and GDI simulation technologies developed recently for Defence applications.

  • ECA Group’s Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS) combines a powerful simulation sytem and a full-scale replica of armoured vehicle, with fully integrated real equipment, placed on a six-axes motion platform in order to simulate with accuracy the behaviour of the vehicle in any kind of environment (urban, rural, desert, off-road, etc.) and driving situation (convoy, escort, pursuit, IED risk, etc.). The training and instruction programs integrated within the MVS were developed in cooperation with military driving experts.
  • GDI’s Simulation Combat Firing Simulator (CFS) is a high-quality replica of any firing platform with faithful reproduction of the tactical effects and complying with standards in force.


A multi-mode military training tool for coordinated intra- and inter-armies training

In order to reproduce any ground battlefield situation and offer a realistic military training, the AKASIM AVF Training System is designed as a multi-mode system. Thus, ground combats units will be able to train in the same environment for different use cases:

  • Training combat tactical skills
  • Drilling procedures
  • Manipulating actual hand controls
  • Multiple-networked simultaneous training
  • Computer assisted training
  • Performance monitored debriefing

The purpose of such a versatile solution is to provide trainees with a progressive learning path on a unique and coherent training system.

  • On the one hand, the AKASIM will allow to practice on real-life hand control and to get acquainted with the Armoured Fighting Vehicle and then to enhance its skills in a simulated and complex environment.
  • On the other hand, the instructor will be able to recreate complex training scenarios from the individual to brigade level.


A tailored virtual battlespace to face new threats

Thanks to interoperable technologies expertise and integrating the High-Level Architecture (HLA) specification, the AKASIM can share the same simulated environment with third-party AFV simulators. Moreover, heterogeneous simulators such as aircrafts or unmanned vehicles simulators can be added in this environment to create a full immersive combat training system.


About GDI Simulation

GDI Simulation, a subsidiary of AIRBUS, is a European leader in the development, production and operational maintenance of Combat Firing Simulators (CFS) for medium, large caliber and air-land combat means. In addition, GDI Simulation develops firearms training simulators (SET) and a Virtual Shooting Stand (VST) for Armed and Security Forces.

GDI Simulation develops, manufactures and provides in-service support of the STC B2M, which equips all French Army vehicles in both regiments and training centres. GDI Simulation also has a unique STC range for MBDA SYSTEMS antitank missiles: MMP, MILAN, MILAN ER, ERYX, HOT, TRIGAT. In particular, the STC MMP is the world's first dual-mode simulator: laser simulation and on-field virtual simulation.

Thanks to these two product families, GDI Simulation is a key player in the operational preparation for collaborative combat through the integration of its simulators at the heart of the combat systems of the SCORPION program:

  • Griffon Vehicles: STC B2M
  • Jaguar Vehicles: STC B2M & STC MMP
  • Leclerc Tanks: STC XL SB

In addition to their use in units / schools, GDI Simulation simulators are key contributors to CENTAURE / CERBERE programs related to Land Forces training during tactical exercises at CENTAC and CENZUB.

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About ECA Group

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its Army Tactical Training solutions are designed as tailor made equipment and completed by a full range of services: training, after sale support and in service maintenance. These training solutions allow to simulate deploying and subsequent actions of any Army’s composing elements, from Division down to Platoon level, thus allowing to train in performing army tactical actions, as well as up to strategic level decisions.

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