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Città de La Spezia: The Cruise station already exists in virtual reality

Città de La Spezia: The Cruise station already exists in virtual reality

ECA Group has recreated the La Spezia's Gulf of Poets and the computer simulated the docking of three large ships between Calata Paita and Molo Garibaldi. On the screen, a preview the port as it will be with the Plan of Port Regulation is generated.
Tuesday, April 4 2017 - Training Simulation
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Published on Città della Spezia, March 2017.

Written by Andrea Bonatti

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La Spezia - two Oasis-class ships, the largest in the world, simultaneously moored at the harbor station of Calata Paita? It already happened, but only on computer. As part of a simulation provided by the French companyECA Group to the Port system of Mar Ligure Orientale, in order to better understand how to organize criculation int the future port. Next to Pier Italy (re-adjusted in the simulation, but in the Port Plan Project, itis expected to cut the curve) may find place two giants of the seas. And maybe a third cruise ship will be able to dock on  western Molo Garibaldi.

MISTRAL 4000 is how is called the software was used to simulate the arrival of "Allure of the Seas" ship for the future La Spezia waterfront repurposed to passenger traffic. The white mass giant has made space in a harbor quite different from now, basically what will be drawn from the port project plan. The French company ECA Group, in addition to having recreated a 3D model of the Gulf of Poets, also provided an environment that simulates the cockpit of a ship.

The operations were conducted in the presence of the pilot, the operators of tugboats, the Coast Guard men, the Authority's harbor officials and ECA Group.  With the sun and the rain, with wind or not, different weather conditions were taken into account . The analysis of these simulations will provide important information to understand how to move in the future water pool in front of the city and as how to design the infrastructure.


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