Channel International: EF Emergency – ECA Group unveils its emergency driving simulators

Thursday, November 30 2017
EF Emergency is a new range of simulators for emergency response drivers and riders adapted to three occupational categories: Defence, Police and Ambulance. 

Published on Channel International, November 2017.

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Driving in an emergency cannot be improvised, that's why ECA Group, a specialist in simulators, developed a complete range of emergency driving simulators to provide post-license training for drivers and enable to assess them.

This range, named EF Emergency, has been developed with training professionals.

“This is the first time that we have adopted a business approach with an appropriate educational method that takes into account all the very specific constraints of companies’ occupations,” explains Philippe Boulleau, an expert in safe and emergency-response driver training at BBE Développement.

EF Emergency offers a rich educational content, with a comprehensive series of lessons in images and explanatory diagrams, followed by simulations based on real-life scenarios and assessment exams.

Using a touchscreen tablet, the instructor adapts each student’s program to his or her needs while testing their reactions by proramming event such : traffic density, areas changes (urban, peri-urban, rural, off-road, dirt tracks), weather conditions, time of day or night and the behaviour of road users. It is even possible to trigger accidents and test vehicle dynamics.

“Scenarios and simulations can be varied infinitely. You will never have the same exercise twice,” comments Eric Leroux, EF Emergency’s project manager.

“Increasingly intelligent, the simulators make it possible to unburden the instructor from as many of his non-essential tasks as possible. The instructor cannot be separated from the software because he is in charge of communication, instructions, verifications and validations,” says Arnaud Chevilllot, Sales Director of ECA Group.

Another significant new feature is the dual-seat simulation platform, EF Truck XL, making it possible to simulate a two-person driving team with a choice of over a dozen different types of vehicles:

Moreover, several EF Emergency simulators can be networked together to share the same environment and train for escort, convoy or multi-team missions.

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