Beachcomber group purchases additional 5-function manipulator arms to equip their H800 ROV

Tuesday, March 06 2018
ECA Group has delivered in early 2017 a 1000m depth rated H800 ROV system as a main tool for the maintenance of the underwater structures operated by the Pacific Beachcomber SC company in French Polynesia. The two 5 function underwater electric arms to enhance the performances of the ROV, have been delivered at the end of 2017. 

In order to boost the maintenance capacity of their H800-INS ROV delivered in spring 2017, the Beachcomber group has awarded ECA Group a contract for the supply of two 5-function underwater electric arms BM5E Micro.

The unique compactness and lightweight features of these arms enable them to be installed, side by side, on a single skid placed right underneath the ROV.

The advantage of having two arms on this compact H800-INS ROV is clear:  in main circumstances, one arm is used to grasp a fixed point on the targeted underwater structure, thereby maintaining the ROV at a constant distance to it, while the other one is being used for the maintenance operation itself. 

The Beachcomber group owns two luxury hotels in the Tahiti surroundings which are equipped with a Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system, using 3°C deep seawater pumped as a cooling source to reduce significatively the electricity consumption used for air conditioning. Such complex SWAC underwater systems requires ongoing maintenance. 

The purchased H800 being the sole ROV able to operate at 1000m depth within the Polynesia area, it is used as a maintenance tool for the underwater structures, working also aside from the the one belonging to the hotel group.

Read more: ECA Group delivers H800 ROV to Beachcomber's hotels in Polynesia for SWAC undersea structures maintenance


Contract for two 5-function manipulator arms to be mounted on a single lightweight ROV
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