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Tuesday, April 11 2017
Discover ECA Group ShipSim solution: its Ship's Bridge Simulator for a cost-efficient crew training.

Published on Asian Defence Journal Training & Simulation, January - March 2017

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"Navigating a ship is never an easy task. Naval personnel must be equipped with the best knowledge to steer the ship to ensure that il stays on the right course. However, most importantly, they must be alert and vigilant to ensure that the ship does not encounter collisions with any obstacles, either of static or moving types.

Live training on a real vessel can be a hindrance due to cost­-efficiency. It is impossible to take a vessel to sea each time during training, thus, a highly-sophisticated, state-of­-the-art ship's bridge simulator system is highly in demand. This is to ensure that the navy personnel are surrounded by realistic environment of ship navigation just as if they are handling a real ship.

This is important when navigating and manoeuvring in restricted waters, the out-­of-window view through electronic screen is very important. Masters and pilots depend on their own visual observation in making decisions, they base their decisions of rudder, engine and tug movements to a large degree on visual information, for instance, ship's speed, drift, heading, rate of turn and distances obtained from the outside world. ADJ's Training & Simulation highlights some of the ship bridge simulators in the market today.

The Shipsim system, from the ECA Group is a multi­functional interactive bridge simulator that enables to learn how to conduct a vessel in same conditions as in reality. Shipsim contains the same functions as in a "full mission" bridge simulator and can be operated with a few clicks of the mouse. lt covers the main operations related to the handling and manoeuvring of a ship in all kind of environmental conditions. ShipSim is the perfect entry level solution for equipment familiarisation and knowledge refreshment for all level of competence, and designed to cover a wide range of training situations.

The system is able to run simultaneously a virtual unlimited number of exercises. lt is possible to execute parallel and cooperative training session. ShipSim is able to connect more than 16 trainee workstation to an instructor workstation. 

ShipSim offers interactive conning for ship manoeuvring and device control. It also provides external view with pan, tilt, and binocular capabilities.

Other features include generic ARPA radar simulator RadSim that has all the features in real ARPA radar. Customers can also opt for the Electronic Chari Display and Information System (ECDIS). Il is possible to link any brand of real, type approved ECDIS to the ShipSim system. The ECDIS includes electronic profile of coast lines, depth, currents, traffic separation schemes and any information found on nautical charts. 

ln a latest development, Nautical lnstitute Leonardo Da Vinci of Milazzo in August last year has awarded ECA Group with the contract to supply the ShipSim system to the facility. Barely a month later last September, was the company chosen to deliver the ShipSim to Groupe ProRisk in Brest, France."

Read more: ECA Group awarded for its Navigation Simulator ShipSim

ECA Group awarded by Groupe ProRisk for a Ship training simulator


Learn more about ECA Group Shipsim Solution

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